ABS My Digital Fleet™ Alliance Program

My Digital FleetTM is the only customizable risk management platform that provides real-time data-driven insights to improve fleet efficiency, reduce costs and manage risks. 

The ABS My Digital Fleet™ Alliance Program is designed to nurture an ecosystem of industry trusted partners including data and intelligence providers, technology providers and service providers to accomplish critical business outcomes for clients through integrated insights on one digital platform.

Kongsberg Digital’s (KDI) Vessel Insight solution and ABS My Digital Fleet™ offers an integrated service for seamlessly accessing AI-powered insights for safer and more sustainable operations. The shipboard operational data collected through KDI’s Vessel Insight is accessible through the ABS My Digital Fleet™ platform and translated into insights for faster and smarter business intelligence. This unlocks voyage optimization through reduced fuel consumption, lower bunker cost, lower carbon intensity and improved charter party compliance.

As part of the ABS My Digital Fleet™ Alliance Program, users gain access to KDI’s Kognifai open digital Marketplace – an ecosystem of technology providers and applications that are fully integrated with Vessel Insight and its data infrastructure.

Control Risks offers My Digital FleetTM users actionable insights on cyber and maritime security, drawn from a decade of historic incident data, dynamic daily content, comprehensive country intelligence and risk ratings. By integrating with selected content from Control Risks CORE+ Cyber and CORE+ Maritime modules, users can better assess current threats and emerging trends across the dynamic global cyber and maritime security landscape.

ABS My Digital FleetTM employs a conversational AI-based virtual fleet manager to provide actionable insights regarding which vessels from the fleet need attention and why in a fast, helpful, and conversational manner. Powered by Yellow.ai - the world’s leading Conversational AI Platform - users can access a personalized  chatbot and voicebot to assist in the delivery of critical fleet tracking information, including weather, equipment and fuel monitoring, as well as carbon intensity indicator (CII) monitoring and route optimization and more through the ABS platform. 

Through integration with Meteomatics, one of the world’s leading weather service providers, ABS My Digital Fleet™ users receive on-demand, high-resolution historical and forecast weather data. By coupling this with My Digital Fleet’s machine learning capabilities, environmental and structural insights are delivered to help shipowners and operators better understand fuel consumption and potential structural impacts from weather exposure, resulting in reduced risk, as well as improved bunker costs and carbon intensity levels.


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