Approval and Certification

Easy, Efficient Approval and Certification

Whatever your approval and certification needs are, our simplified process gets you what you need quickly and efficiently. Our global team includes accomplished surveyors and engineers whose expertise can assist with your approval and certification needs. Join more than 6,000 other companies in our global ABS-approved databases. 


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Remote Surveys and Audits

Getting Started with Remote Surveys and Audits


Existing ABS clients can create a new account and order all eligible surveys remotely through the ABS MyFreedom™ Client Portal. Once the survey or audit requests are submitted along with supporting information, an ABS surveyor reviews the request to ensure all criteria are met, including Flag State approval when necessary. Clients then have the option to interact within a mobile-friendly environment to easily capture and transmit all required videos, images and documentation while onboard in both a connected and disconnected environment that sync seamlessly. This allows you to order and conduct your remote surveys and audits – Anytime. Anywhere. Any Way.