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The Marine Equipment Directive (MED) is a piece of legislation written by the European Commission to ensure the quality of marine equipment placed onboard European flagged ships. The directive aims is to increase marine safety and reduce the risk of marine pollution. Directive 2014/90/EU stipulates that marine equipment to be installed on new or existing ships shall be approved to, and bear the MED mark of conformity, the “Wheel Mark”.

ABS Italy Srl

ABS, through its Italian subsidiary, ABS Italy Srl, has been involved from the outset in the development of the MED as one of the industry members in the working group meetings at the European Commission in Brussels. ABS Italy Srl is also an active member of the MarED group of Notified Bodies that develop and implement the MED. Further information about MarED can be obtained from their website at

Designation of ABS Italy Srl as a Notified Body is under Italian D.P.R. 239/2017 and Italian Coast Guard Decree 1338/2019 as implementing Directive 2014/90/EU of the European Parliament and the council of July 23, 2014, on the Marine Equipment and repealing council Directive 96/98/EC as amended.

ABS Italy Srl is designated for the purposes of the approval and conformity assessment of marine equipment as detailed in Annex II of Directive 2014/90/EU for the following types of marine equipment:

  • MED/1: Life-Saving Appliances – all products 
  • MED/2: Marine Pollution Prevention Equipment – all products 
  • MED/3: Fire Protection Equipment – all products 
  • MED/6.1: Navigation Lights
  • MED/7.1: Self-contained Compressed-air-operated Breathing Apparatus
  • MED/8.1: Water Level Detectors 

As a notified body, ABS Italy Srl can type approve the above types of equipment under the MED and issue EC Type-Examination (Module B) and Quality Assurance/Product Verification (Modules D or E/F) or Unit Verification (Module G) certificates.

On completion of the approval process ABS Italy Srl can authorize a manufacturer to stamp the product with the MED mark of conformity (the “Wheel Mark”) in accordance with Annex I of the Directive 2014/90/EU detailing the ABS Italy Srl notified body identification number 2843 and the year the mark was affixed.

Equipment Marking

Directive 2014/90/EU has introduced the provision for either two digit or four digit year reference on the mark of conformity.

Why Choose ABS Italy Srl?

  • ABS Italy Srl, has vast experience working with the MED, gained from being an instrumental member of the working groups that designed the structure of the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU and also through the experience of the former notified body ABS Europe Ltd. In addition to this, ABS Italy Srl is a proactive member of the MarED group who are responsible for developing and implementing the MED. 

  • ABS Italy Srl has a dedicated team of experienced engineers that can help guide clients from the project outset and, through the approval process to the final issue of certification. Information may be given to reference accredited laboratories for testing and applicable routes through the manufacturing modules. 

  • A product approved by ABS Italy Srl will be accepted as meeting the requirements of Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU by all European flag States.

  • ABS is a recognized organization for many flag States outside of the EU expanding the scope of MED certification acceptance beyond that attainable by standalone notified bodies.  

  • Clients have the option to enroll into the ABS Type Approval System. On completion of the MED approval process, applicable equipment shall be granted ABS Class Approvals. The equipment will be listed on the ABS Type Approval Database, enabling shipbuilders and owners to select equipment for installation onboard ABS-classed vessels. This feature offers increased market penetration through exposure to the global marine market at no additional time or cost.


Authorized Representative

Directive 2014/90/EU Article 13 requires an authorized EU-based representative. All manufacturers located outside of the EU are required to appoint an authorized representative to market the approved equipment.

The selection of an authorized representative is the responsibility of the manufacturer. The authorized representative shall be a natural person or legal entity within an EU or EFTA territory. As part of the Module B or G application, contact details of the authorized representative shall be provided. The mandate required by Article 13 shall be reviewed as part of the production conformity phase to confirm that the written mandate meets the requirements of Directive 2014/90/EU Article 13.

The key task of the authorized representative’s appointment is to ensure the cooperation with competent national authorities based in the EU. However, if an EU-based manufacturer fulfills his obligations according to Article 12, then there is no need to appoint an authorized representative.


Adequate Analysis and Assessment of the Risks

Directive 2014/90/EU Annex II, Part I Module B: EC Type-Examination, point 3, third indent and Part V Module G: EC Unit Verification, point 2 require that technical documentation, which is part of the application, shall also include “an adequate analysis and assessment of the risk(s)”.

ABS Italy Srl's interpretation of the requirement for “an adequate analysis and assessment of the risk(s)” requires an assessment of risk against the equipment’s intended use. The manufacturer shall consider whether a combination of the type, production, and installation testing addresses the associated risks for the approved equipment. In addition, the manufacturers shall consider whether any additional risk(s) as a result of the intended use requires further mitigating measures.

Where a combination of the type, production, and installation testing is considered by the manufacturer to fully address the risk(s) for the intended use of the equipment, the manufacturer may submit a declaration within the technical documentation. Where the assessment of risk(s) identifies additional risk(s), the manufacturer shall provide details of the risk(s) and what measures have been taken to reduce the risk(s) to an acceptable level.


Equipment Marking - Data Tagging

Directive 2014/90/EU has introduced the provision for electronic data tagging to complement the mark of conformity. The technology required to implement this system remains under development. Further details may be given on request.


Note for Manufacturers, Shipyards and Owners 

Declaration of Conformity

The requirements and obligations of the manufacturer in relation to the declarations of conformity are given by Directive 2014/90/EU. The following applies to the control and formatting of the Declaration of Conformity (DoC): 

  • Detail the approved conformity route as provided in the Directive 2014/90/EU

  • Follow the model format as detailed in Annex III of the Decision 768/2008/EC

  • Be kept up-to-date

  • Be provided to the ship or end user. The DoC is to be kept on board until the equipment is removed

  • The DoC is to be translated by the manufacturer into language(s) required by the flag member State


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