Ukraine: Key Maritime Information

ABS is monitoring the evolving operational situation on the ground in Ukraine and in the Black Sea.

Due to the current conditions, ABS activities in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine are limited or not available, therefore please refer to the ABS Directory here for additional options of contact with local ABS offices for support.  As an alternative, consideration may be given to exercising ABS’ remote survey or audits, for more information on ABS’ suite of remote services may be found here. Alternatively, you may download the ABS App or take advantage of the  ABS Smart Scheduler™.

Below is a list of links to available information as provided by various Flag States regarding operational information in the area of the Black Sea.  The situation in Ukraine is presenting a dynamic regulatory environment, and we will update this page with relevant information as we receive it.

Due to the escalating security situation in and around the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) and territorial waters of the Ukraine and the Russian Federation in the Black Sea and the Azov Sea, Flag States around the world are monitoring reports of security risks in this region and issuing guidance to their registered vessels.

While most Flag States are discouraging their registered vessels from transiting or attending ports in these areas, guidance is also being circulated for vessels presently operating in this region. Common aspects of this guidance include:

  1. Masters and crew should conduct a risk assessment and review the Ship Security Plan.
  2. Numerous Flag States are recommending that ships raise their Ship Security Level to 2 or 3, and implement precautions in accordance with their Ship Security Plan.
  3. Vessels should continually monitor for and observe restrictions imposed by local authorities, noting that security levels at ports may change on short notice.
  4. Each vessel’s Automatic Information System (AIS) equipment should be kept on.

We strongly advise owners and operators to maintain contact with their Flag States in order to receive their instructions.



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