BWM Type Approval

Streamlined Global BWM Systems Type Approval

With the anticipated surge in demand for ballast water management (BWM) systems that comply with 2016 G8 requirements, ABS, in partnership with Control Union Certifications B.V. (CUC), offers a one-stop approach to help manufacturers gain both IMO and U.S. Coast Guard type approvals. ABS will act as a single point of contact for all BWM system type approvals and required compliance processes, including contracting, planning, testing and execution, quality assurance and quality control.


The 2016 G8 Guidelines and BWMS Code requires all BWM systems to be recertified to comply with 2016 G8 Guideline Requirements (and BWMS Code).  New type approvals will need to be reissued by a recognized organization in order to meet the requirements. Type approval certification for BWMS involves the following steps: working with an independent lab for USCG testing, working with an RO for IMO testing, performing a gap analysis to avoid re-testing where feasible, conducting testing and facilitating reviews and approval by the USCG, and IMO testing and approvals on behalf of an Administration. 


The ABS/CUC partnership will allow BWMS vendors to achieve 2016 G8/BWMS Code IMO Type Approvals, USCG approvals and ABS class approvals with a single set of combined tests. Customized gap analysis will focus on the vendor’s specific approval needs and will facilitate multiple IMO administration approvals with completed USCG testing and can provide an optional ABS Product Design Assessment. This one-stop shop will provide vendors the option to meet multiple regulatory testing criteria at one time.

BWM Systems Type Approval Process

Who is CUC?

Part of Peterson and Control Union, CUC is an independent, internationally operating certification body that carries out inspections and issues certificates. CUC has a USCG accepted Independent Laboratory offering the full range of services required by the 46 CFR 162.060 and IMO BWMS Code, including a team of in-house scientists for biological testing who have been involved since the inception of the BWM convention.

Benefits Of ABS and CUC Alliance 

  • Single point of contact for all BWM systems type approvals and compliance processes
  • A team of personnel with extensive BWMS knowledge and expertise available throughout the process
  • Authorization by more than 55 flag states to perform certification of BWM systems
  • Over 40 years of experience in Type Approval certification, with over 50,000 type approvals issued

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