Autonomous technology is gradually reshaping the commercial marine, government and offshore industries and delivering benefits such as increased operational efficiency and safety, and reductions in human error, emissions, and operational costs. This is not a singular technology, but the rapid advancement of sensors and imaging, connectivity with the vessel, machine learning and more. But regulation, engineering and culture all present challenges as significant as the development of technology itself.

ABS is actively participating in various international forums in advancing the development of the international regulatory framework for autonomous operations. ABS is also collaborating with members, industry, government regulators and stakeholders in the design and implementation on the world’s most advanced remote-control and autonomous technology. 

The ABS Guide for Autonomous and Remote-Control Functions

The ABS Guide for Autonomous and Remote-Control Functions sets out a goal-based framework for implementation and a risk-based approach for the assessment of autonomous and remote-control functions on marine vessels and offshore units. The guide offers two notations to marine vessels and offshore units fitted with permanently installed autonomous or remote-control functions that comply with the Guide requirements.

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